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greedy people [Dec. 18th, 2008|10:50 pm]


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There are several collectible Dead Kennedys releases floating around., including a couple of bootlegs. "Skateboard Party is a bootleg... I know the guy who put out the original pressing, and then he farmed it out to somebody else who ran wild with it and we had to put a stop to it," says Biafra. And what about that DKs picture disc that's being advertised everywhere? "That's a total, total bootleg. This guy wasted our time for doing an interview for a fanzine in England, and then pressing it as a $25 dollar picture disc. And people wonder why I'm so mean about not letting people tape my shows now... Because I'm really sick and tired of people making shitty recordings and then who gets the complaint letters saying they're a crook? Me! It's another example of where greedy people wreck it for everyone else.