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Magick Daggers [Aug. 20th, 2010|12:03 am]


[Current Music |Magick Daggers - Lions Of Alchemy]

Magick Daggers debut album Lions Of Alchemy.

With a a touch of an evil torch laced with the alter ego of post-punk, they have created a fierce sound unique to their locale of Portland, Oregon.
Formed in 2006 by Jessy Montaigne, (member of Subtonix) and Maxamillion Avila (member of Get Hustle), they released their first EP on Manimal Vinyl in 2007.
Their haunting resonance embodies a diabolical merge of 1920s Weimar Cabaret influences contrasted by horror film shrieks and ether static, but still echoes a swampy rock and roll undertone at their more raw edged performances.

This double LP also contains Magick Daggers first EP Black Diamonds on vinyl for the first time.

More info about the band at EXO Records

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