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Newbie [Mar. 14th, 2008|10:24 am]
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Hi everyone!  I'm really glad to find this site, sometimes I wonder what happened to people who like real music, and collecting it on vinyl.  Nice to know there are some left!
So of course I'm a vinyl junkie :D.  Luckily, Manifest, my favorite local music store, has really started picking up on their record section again.  In fact, I just found out this morning that a record I bought there (sealed too!) for two bucks is worth much more!  I bought R.E.M.'s 12" Reckoning about a year ago.  I was thinking about picking up some more R.E.M. records from there to sell on ebay and looked up how much Reckoning was worth in case I found another. I kept reading about the original 1984 release, which mine was, but in a purple vinyl.  Mine didn't appear to be so, so I payed no attention.  Then I read something about only being seen when held up to the light - and sure enough!  My $2 record is the original purple edition that I've seen going for 100-150.  :D It's a good day today, isn't it?

R.E.M.'s Reckoning


[User Picture]From: bobabuster57
2008-03-14 10:54 pm (UTC)
Isn't that great when that happens? I used to be really into NOFX and picked up their first 12" at a record store in Portland for $25. That record was originally pressed in a run of 500, 250 in clear green and 250 in translucent purple. My clear green copy sold on eBay about a year and a half later for $412. Another time I bought "Short Bus" by Blink (this was their name before the -182 came along) for somewhere around $55-$60 on eBay, as an investment. The 7" split EP (with Iconoclasts) was the bands first ever label release. I sold it in the low $200s a couple years later. Not too bad at all.
This last one is not so much vinyl-related, but I also have a bottle of Cisco malt liquor that NOFX had made in a limited run of 100 bottles to promote their 1992 album called "Punk in Drublic". I bought if for $107 shipped on eBay and have been sitting on it for about three or four years. I've been waiting for the opportune time, but I suppose that right now is as good a time as any to see what it'll fetch.
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